Rehydrate Fast with Essential Oils

Jupiner Essential Oil

Dehydration can happen much more quickly than you think. All it takes is some physical exertion and your body can be crying out for more water. Of course for most of us the most common cause of dehydration is from hangovers.

It’s not always easy to rehydrate quickly and the side effects of this dehydration should not be taken lightly. You can become faint, struggle to function and even face more dire consequences if it isn’t remedied quickly. But with over 60% of us not drinking the recommended daily intake of water we need to find a remedy that works.

There are some products you can buy over the counter designed to help you get hydrated quickly. These are normally of limited effectiveness and can instead make you feel sick or unwell. They are also fairly expensive and not easy to come across.

People are now looking for alternatives, and this is where essential oils come in.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are the new alternative to traditional medicines. While I say new, they actually date back hundreds of years and their principle idea is that they are home remedies. They’re made completely natural, using extracts from plants and vegetation to create these concentrated oils with specific functions.

Essential oils have grown in popularity as people have seen some effective results. Users have discovered they can have more energy, cure common illnesses and banish the aches and pains of the past. Furthermore, essential oils are reasonably inexpensive and readily available. You no longer need to book a doctor’s appointment and instead you can use it in the comfort of your own home or even in the office.

The market is now booming and it can be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for online. Places like Oiling Point have become extremely useful, hosting a whole range of information and products for specific uses, like rehydration.


Oiling Point has a number of different essential oils which are designed to help your body rehydrate. While there are a number of different products to choose from, there are some key ingredients you can look out for:

  • Juniper

Juniper is often suggested as a hangover cure as it helps flush out the toxins. It also helps relieve any headaches, letting you feel refreshed and more like yourself again. If you’re looking to rehydrate, then juniper is a good place to start.


Lemon is known as a disinfectant, perfect if you’re not feeling well, but it’s also designed to make you feel from alert and vibrant. The natural scent and properties help you revive yourself and it is generally regarded as one of the most effective.

Essential oils are a quick and easy way to get relief. If you’re feeling dehydrated or suffering from a hangover then get yourself some of these essential oils and see how much better you feel.


Whole Body Vibration Machines: Why You Need One?

Woman on whole body vibration machineWhole body vibration machines (WBVs) are becoming essential requirements for comprehensive training in fitness centers. You’ve probably seen them being advertised, and wondered if they really work.

Some come with the promise that if you spend just ten minutes per day on the machine you can lose the same amount of weight as someone who works out for one hour each day using conventional exercises.

There’s actually some truth in that, but it depends on the type of whole body vibration machine that you use. Needless to say, you will lose more weight if you combine it with other exercises that tone your muscles, like doing squats or lifting dumbbells. But the bottom line is that whole body vibration machines are a very effective piece of equipment for weight loss. The vibrations they produce contract and relax muscles, tissues and tendons in the same way that regular exercises do. Getting you much of the same benefits, at a higher intensity, with less strain on your part.

The selling point- the whole body vibration machines achieve the same results of traditional workouts in a much shorter time. They are also effective in keeping your body toned because they work up to 95% of your body’s muscles, something that’s difficult, and time consuming to do with regular exercises.

To get the same results with conventional workouts, you would need to spend hours in the gym, perfect a variety of exercises, and add extra time for your muscles to rest from fatigue. Another consideration of how a WBV machine outshines other methods of weight loss and fitness – they are great at burning calories throughout the whole body. That means you target even those stubborn fat, hard to reach areas.

Now, in case that is not reason enough you may want to consider the following additional benefits of getting your very own whole body vibration machines:
• Better circulation: the rhythmic contraction and relaxation of muscles and tissues encourages better blood circulation and lymph drainage.
• Leaner body: WBV machines force muscles to contract for a long time (but in a safe manner). The grand effect is that your muscle fibers will develop very fast. That, combined with the fat burning capability of WBV machines, makes them great for increasing muscle strength.
• Increase bone density: the circular vibrations of WBV machines increase bone density in aging people. If you have stability issues you can also consider using them. They are especially good for realigning spinal discs and improving pelvic stability.
• Improved flexibility: with stronger bones and strong muscles you will be more flexible than you have ever been.
• Vibration therapy: vibration machines were used in therapy way before they became workout equipment. They didn’t lose their original therapeutic function even after their evolution. With regards to that, perhaps their biggest benefit is their ability to reduce mental stress and fatigue by literally shaking them away.
• Suitable design: most of these machines are designed for home use and can fit in pretty much any room. They are compact yet strong and durable. They also support a lot of weight (some as much as 400 pounds). Perfect for anyone looking to get started on their fitness goals today.

tactical watch

The Benefits of Going with Tactical Watches

For those who want to tough the outdoors, not just any equipment will do. The rugged outdoorsperson knows that they need gear that can stand up to severe conditions, such as continual rain, trips and falls and much more. The gear has to still work after being put through the ringer and that applies to their watches as well.

A watch is an incredibly valuable tool for someone spending a lot of time outdoors, because it can tell them how much daylight they can expect to enjoy and how much longer they need to go before they can have their carefully rationed meals. It’s not as important for the casual person taking a stroll outdoors, but tactical watches prove very useful to those who are serious about their time spent outside.

A tactical watch is very different from a conventional watch in that it is stronger and able to withstand a lot more punishment. People who use tactical watches may need to work with their hands a lot, rowing a boat, climbing trees, whittling wood or handling ropes. The watch can get banged up, smashed against rocks and generally just abused, and having a tactical watch makes all the difference in whether the readout will still be readable at the end of the day.

Tactical watches are made to stand up to that kind of treatment, but that’s not all. Many of them come with large displays that makes them easy to read at a glance. This allows for precisely timed movements from coordinating hunters or soldiers. They may not have time to peer closely at their watches, so being able to take a quick glance should give them all the information they need, and that’s what most tactical watches are designed to do.

A high quality tactical watch, such as those sold at tactical watches, may also come with a number of other features that outdoorspeople find very useful. They may illuminate in the dark or withstand extreme underwater pressure. They may also have anti-reflective covers to provide greater concealment.

Anyone who does a lot of hiking, backpacking, camping or hunting should consider a tactical watch for their next outing. They can enjoy the numerous benefits and improve their overall experience by choosing high quality tactical watches from trusted manufacturers.